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And a Dash of Oh-Eight ...

Presidential candidate and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said while traveling in Afghanistan yesterday "that the war against Taliban guerrillas in Afghanistan could never be won militarily, and he urged support for efforts to bring 'people who call themselves Taliban' into the government...  Frist said that asking the Taliban to join the government was a decision to be made by Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Spokesmen for Karzai could not be reached for comment." 

The Democratic Senate campaign committee pounced, producing a memo declaring that "Frist effectively ended his 2008 presidential run on Monday when he proposed abandoning the U.S. campaign to destroy the Taliban and suggested bringing the terrorist group into the Afghan government...  Frist's proposal is a clear, unequivocal admission of defeat - the very thing that the latest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) says will fuel the growth of terrorist groups and endanger U.S. security."

Retired Gen. Wes Clark (D) said at UCLA yesterday that "the Bush administration's insistence on more leeway in applying Geneva Convention standards to the interrogation of terrorism detainees runs counter to America's history of observing international law." 

The National Rifle Association endorsed New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D) yesterday, per NBC's Pete Williams.  The nod was for Richardson's campaign for re-election -- not for president.  Still, it could give Richardson a rare credential to tout in a Democratic presidential primary.  (Of course, the NRA once supported Gov. Howard Dean, as well...)