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And a dash of oh-eight

The Sunday Washington Post pointed out that the scrutiny Sen. George Allen (R) has undergone in his re-election campaign is because he's viewed as a future candidate for president, not because he's running fo re-election -- and also notes that a high-profile re-election campaign is unfamiliar territory for one who's used to ousting incumbents. 

Is his suggested nominee for homeland security chief, Bernard Kerik, going to continue to haunt Rudy Giuliani (R)?  Newsweek reports that per Kerik's lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, "federal prosecutors are investigating Kerik for an alleged conversation he had with Jeanine Pirro, GOP candidate for New York state attorney general, about bugging a family boat so Pirro could determine whether her husband was having an affair.  Tacopina said he believes the Feds are also investigating Kerik's taxes, but declined to give details." 

Addressing the Conservative Party conference in the United Kingdom yesterday, Sen. John McCain (R) called himself "an American conservative;" joked about his age ("in the frank and rough assessments of Americans, I am older than dirt and have more scars than Frankenstein"); talked up Ronald Reagan and his legacy; called for entitlement reform and took a shot at Democrats as obstructing it; sent a warning shot to his party about an "insidious, creeping conceit that to be the governing party we must become the party of government;" and called global warming "a real and present danger."

The Sunday Boston Globe noted how GOP Gov. Mitt Romney's direction of Republican Governors Association campaign funds to the party's gubernatorial candidates in Florida, Iowa, and Michigan would help him with his presidential bid.

Romney was in New Hampshire yesterday, where he rallied 300 Republicans gathered at their state convention.