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Congress Heads Home

Bloomberg points out, "None of the goals [Bush] set out in his January 2005 State of the Union address -- overhaul of the Social Security system, restructuring the tax code, reshaping medical-malpractice law -- was achieved.  Bush's proposed overhaul of immigration laws is in limbo because of divisions between House and Senate Republicans."  Also, the GOP Hill leadership was dealt a few blows: House Majority Leader Tom DeLay resigned and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist stumbled. 

The Los Angeles Times says the House GOP's border-fence bill might be approved by the Senate before the session ends -- or it might not.  A last-minute push to add a guest-worker program for agricultural workers to the bill could derail it.  The "move creates a dilemma for Frist, eager for victories to counter criticism of a GOP 'do-nothing Congress.'  It also highlights the long-standing tension over immigration that is coming to a head in these waning days of the 109th Congress."