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And a Dash of Oh-Eight

So far, Warner has been one of the few potential Democratic oh-eighters who hasn't stumped for Connecticut Senate nominee Ned Lamont (D) after his primary victory in August (although Warner did put out a statement after Lamont won and wrote him a check).  But yesterday, Warner's PAC sent out an e-mail entitled "Washington Needs Ned Lamont."  The e-mail praised Lamont's entrepreneurial approach to politics ("That's the approach we took in Virginia -- where we reformed the way government does business to achieve long term savings, and reformed our tax code") and his call for a withdrawal from Iraq ("I agree that we need a plan to get out of Iraq...  The current Republican leadership isn't making us safer").

With an easy cruise to re-election ahead of her, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D) said yesterday she'll campaign for other candidates in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Florida in the last weeks before the election, reports the AP

Clinton says that despite her planned trips, she has no ulterior motives and is focused solely on the election in November.  She is also planning a fundraiser at her Washington mansion.  "'We feel that if we can raise another $5 million between now and the end of October, we will win races that nobody thinks we can,'" she said. 

And The State reports that "Strom Thurmond Jr. and Carroll Campbell III have joined" McCain's PAC.  "Thurmond's father, the late U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond, and Campbell's father, the late Gov. Carroll Campbell, both supported George W. Bush in 2000. Bush, who went on to become president, defeated McCain in a pivotal South Carolina Republican primary."