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Along with his committee's report, House Government Reform chair Tom Davis (R) released a statement last night "portraying Abramoff's efforts to lobby the Bush administration as largely ineffective," Roll Call says.  "Davis also pointed out that Abramoff's billing records and e-mail exchanges do not mean that events unfolded as he claimed to either his firm or his clients."  Meanwhile, a "summary prepared for Democratic leaders by staffers for" ranking member Rep. Henry Waxman "stated that the information provided by the Abramoff documents may show wrongdoing on the part of top White House officials."  Top Bush officials "have denied having any close relationship with Abramoff." 

The Washington Post visits ethically challenged Democratic Rep. Alan Mollohan's district in West Virginia, where there's "only one way for Republicans to win...: convince voters that Mollohan is a crook...  Mollohan, a member of the Appropriations Committee, set up several nonprofit groups over the past decade or so to administer millions of dollars he was steering to his rural district."  Then his own net worth "ballooned," largely because of "real estate investments with one of those friends who benefited from his work in Congress.  Mollohan has denied any wrongdoing." 

And GOP Rep. Mark Foley "who was expected to cruise to reelection faced questions Thursday about the propriety of e-mails he sent to a teenage page on Capitol Hill, potentially adding to the GOP's political struggles as it attempts to maintain its congressional majority."  Foley's e-mails to the page included a request for a photo.  A Foley spokesman said the e-mails "reflected nothing more than an innocent interest in helping young people."