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Six years after the Florida recount, critics will argue at a House hearing today that the shift to electronic voting machines has actually increased the likelihood of another debacle, NBC's Chip Reid reports.  Millions of Americans will use the machines in November for the first time, and critics say they want a paper trail, at the very least.  Supporters of electronic voting say the machines are a vast improvement over hanging chads.

There's also concern about the ability of US troops serving overseas to cast absentee ballots, USA Today reports.  "Pentagon officials say the situation is particularly troublesome for troops in battle, who often are redeployed before mail reaches them." 

The chief House sponsor of the voter ID bill, which would require voters to show identification before voting in a federal election, responds in a USA Today op-ed to Democrat's charges that the bill would disenfranchise minority voters.  House Republicans are casting the legislation as a means of border security.  The paper's editorial page objects to the bill, saying supporters are creating a false sense of urgency about it.