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... And a Dash of Oh-Eight

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams' interview with Elizabeth Edwards will air tonight on Nightly and tomorrow morning on TODAY.

The Republican National Committee has chosen to hold their 2008 convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul, leaving Democrats, who were also considering the Twin Cities, to choose between New York and Denver.  RNC co-chair Jo Ann Davidson yesterday rejected the idea that their surprise early announcement was really about laying claim to the Twin Cities before Democrats could, but the other cities on the RNC's list all had flaws.  The party is probably hoping to give GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty a boost in his tight re-election race, as well as send a message about the importance they place on the Midwest.  Democrats could send a similar message about the Mountain West by selecting Denver.  Indeed, Colorado seems poised to give them a new governorship and a new House seat to tout in November.  Or, they could fuel speculation about a (Hillary) Clinton presidential bid by choosing New York, which also will have a Democratic governor in Eliot Spitzer by 2008. 

Roll Call says Gov. Mitt Romney has quietly been reaching out to K Street for "policy and politics expertise and, ultimately, the help of some of K Street's biggest campaign fundraisers and their network of donors." 

The Washington Post says former President Clinton "is laying plans to celebrate his 60th birthday... with a charitable fundraising extravaganza in New York... that will include an invitation-only concert by the Rolling Stones and contributor packages that run to $500,000 and higher."  The three-day party will be co-hosted by Chelsea Clinton; proceeds will go to the William J. Clinton Foundation.  "The celebration of all things Clinton will come less than two weeks before Hillary Clinton is expected to cruise to reelection" and then "turn her attention to a possible 2008 presidential campaign." 

MSNBC.com notes how Senator Clinton has taken a high-profile role in this final week of the session. 

One-upping his rivals in numbers if not in tactics, Kerry is sending volunteer ground troops to 20 states. 

Democratic Sen. Barack Obama gets Washington Post Style-section treatment as his party's universal donor of charisma.