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Tony Snow's new dual role

From NBC's Kelly O'Donnell
White House press secretary Tony Snow today discussed his new role as a fundraiser for GOP candidates and acknowledged he knows of no other press secretary from either party who has played that kind of political role raising money while also serving the public. These events will include closed fundraisers where the media -- and by extension, the public -- will not be informed of what he says to donors. Snow says this unusual dual role was discussed at great length with White House Counsel Harriet Miers and carries the president's approval.

Snow also says he is aware of the ethical issues and acknowledged that it's close to the line of what is appropriate for a public official.  He claims his speeches will be "boring" and "not red meat" and that he will not be looking to pick political fights. He added he was asked  to headline these events "months ago" and that he will be utilized by the party in his home state of Ohio -- but beyond that as well. He will do an event that is closed this evening. Another event Snow says he will do is for Rep. Jean Schmidt (R) of Ohio, who made headlines late last year when she suggested Marines don't cut and run when criticizing Rep. John Murtha (D).