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The defending majority

— "House Republican leaders yesterday sought to invigorate their conservative base with election-year legislation aimed at protecting both the religious freedom of municipalities and a parent's role in a minor's abortion decision," reports the Washington Times.  "The House passed a revised parental-notification bill and legislation limiting legal damages against cities and towns that lose lawsuits for violating the Constitution's ban on the establishment of religion." 

The Wall Street Journal reports that an "array of former members of Congress and officials from Republican administrations dating to the 1970s" are saying they'd prefer to see Republicans lose the majority.  Three reasons why: "Fiscal hawks are furious about the growth of the federal government.  Conservative lawyers... are upset that Congress allowed President Bush to claim expansive powers to eavesdrop on American citizens and detain suspected militants without trial.  Others say the war in Iraq is a costly diversion from the war on terror."