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The Defending Majority

"House Republican leaders - with an assist from White House strategist Karl Rove - will mount one final push this week for the financial support of GOP lobbyists," says Roll Call.  "Thursday afternoon at the Capitol Hill Club, Rove will join the top six House GOP leaders to address as many as 200 lobbyists...  Several GOP sources said the leadership also would reiterate a warning against giving to Democrats." 

"House GOP leaders cannot decide whether to hold leadership elections the week after the midterm elections," The Hill reports.  "Their uncertainty is a sign of Republican unease and suggests that officeholders may postpone the contests for their jobs if the party suffers heavy losses." 

The Los Angeles Times looks at how "mudslinging is crucial to the Republican plan for this year's midterm elections, because the party's hold on power will probably hinge on shifting attention from the unpopular war in Iraq and other national issues that cut against them."  The story notes that the point of the ads may be to depress turnout "among voters who might otherwise have supported the candidate under attack." 

The (Mountain) West is no longer quite so won for Republicans, says USA Today, which lists a number of key races in the region which are looking unusually competitive.