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Hot midterm race developments

From NBC's Mark Murray
Without a doubt, the most closely watched ballot measure on Election Day will be the referendum over South Dakota's abortion law, which bans all abortions except those needed to save the mother's life -- a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade at a time when the Supreme Court has two new conservative justices. And the South Dakota group that's trying to get the law repealed, Campaign for Healthy Families, has launched its first TV ad. "South Dakotans agree: Honor and protect human life. Reduce the number of abortions," the ad goes. "But should a woman who's the victim of rape or incest be left with no option? What about the mother whose health would be seriously threatened? ... It just goes too far."

Meanwhile, in the New Jersey Senate race that has made Democrats increasingly worried about whether they can hold onto the seat, the campaigns for Bob Menendez (D) and Tom Kean Jr. (R) are sparring over whose surrogate is worse. Earlier today, Menendez and Joe Wilson -- of the CIA leak fame -- held a press conference assailing a fundraiser that White House adviser Karl Rove is holding for Kean. "It is no wonder that Rove is here to campaign for Tom Kean Jr.," Menendez said. "Karl Rove demands absolute allegiance to George Bush, and Tom Kean Jr. is more than happy to give it." However, the Kean camp issued a press release blasting Wilson's appearance with Menendez. "Menendez welcomes discredited and disgraced Joe Wilson to New Jersey," the release said.