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More on the Bush/GOP agenda

— Among his other recent interviews, Bush gave one to the Wall Street Journal, which ran on Saturday. As a way to motivate seniors, Democrats are seizing on his comments that "he hoped to revisit Social Security reform next year, when he 'will be able to drain the politics out of the issue.'"

In the absence of real lobbying and ethics reform, House Republican leaders hope to pass a resolution this week changing the way the House handles earmarks. But, Roll Call says, "The reform measure does not eliminate earmarks or change the process by which earmarks are inserted into legislation."

"The stack of delayed initiatives" being put off by the GOP-run Congress until a lame-duck session "is growing," business and government strategist Billy Moore (D) writes to his clients. On this list: "the budget, non-security spending, tax extenders, estate tax cuts, immigration, lobbying reform, offshore drilling, Medicare physician payments, telecommunications reform, asbestos liability and warrantless surveillance. Should the voters elect a Democratic House of Representatives in November," Moore says, "almost none of the postponed agenda will see action."

Former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson has a new gig as a Washington Post op-ed columnist.