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More midterm mania

Stuart Rothenberg says Democrats will hold a majority of governorships after election day, which could prove key in the next redistricting process as well as in the presidential election.

ARIZONA also hosts a competitive Republican primary in a key House race on Tuesday, the race for retiring GOP Rep. Jim Kolbe's seat, which one moderate Republican stands a better chance of winning in November. But that candidate also stands a real chance of losing to a more conservative opponent tomorrow.

In CALIFORNIA, the Los Angeles Times front-pages another look at GOP Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign contributions from "scores of contributors whose interests intersect with legislation" he's now signing into law. Democrats charge that such fundraising practices are exactly the kind of behavior Schwarzenegger decried in his winning campaign against then-Gov. Gray Davis (D).

The San Francisco Chronicle says Schwarzenegger's campaign "is looking more and more like Sherman's march to the sea. It's a scorched-earth drive between now and November that appears to be aimed at robbing rival Phil Angelides of any worthwhile issue."

In the DC mayoral race, leading contender Adrian Fenty is about to launch "the biggest and most highly synchronized vote drive in city history," says the Washington Post in a story summing up regional get-out-the-vote efforts.

Sen. Bill Nelson (D) kicked off his re-election campaign in FLORIDA over the weekend, but is trying to fly under the radar. "Despite months of being dubbed by Republican challenger Katherine Harris as Florida's 'do-nothing liberal senator,' Nelson chose to let others do most of the Harris-bashing," writes the Miami Herald.  

In ILLINOIS, the FBI "is investigating allegations by the wife of Gov. Rod Blagojevich's former campaign treasurer that her state job may have come in return for a $1,500 personal check her husband wrote to one of Blagojevich's children. The inquiry is the first public indication that Blagojevich" -- a Democrat who is facing re-election against Judy Baar Topinka (R) -- "and his personal finances are under federal scrutiny as part of a sweeping criminal probe of political hiring in his administration." -- Chicago Tribune

In NEVADA, Democratic Senate candidate Jack Carter, son of the former President, has been hospitalized with severe colitis, the AP reports. Carter is waging what already was an uphill battle to unseat Sen. John Ensign (R).

A few months ago, the New York Times writes, Democrats had envisioned picking up four, maybe even five, congressional seats in NEW YORK. But that goal now seems remote.