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Potential presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani (R) will be everywhere today. His USA Today op-ed emphasizes his September 11 credentials and, to some degree, echoes Bush Administration arguments that "the killing of innocent civilians by Islamic fanatics has been going on for some time." 

GOP Gov. Mitt Romney's Mormon faith may be tough for evangelicals to swallow, the Washington Times anticipates. "Mormon and evangelical Christian theology are worlds apart on many issues."

On his first trip to Iowa since announcing that he's thinking of running for president, Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd told voters that he hasn't decided whether he'll run or not, that he won't announce his decision until the beginning of next year, and that if he does run, his top priority will be education. -- Des Moines Register

Speaking to reporters in Sydney while promoting his film about global warming, Al Gore said "he hadn't rule[d] out making a second bid for the White House, though he said it was unlikely... Prime Minister John Howard, a friend and ally of Bush, said he would not meet Gore during his Australian visit and would not heed his advice to sign up to Kyoto." -- AP

And yesterday's Boston Globe wrote up Sen. John Kerry's speech on national security in Boston over the weekend, during which he outlined a five-part strategy to improve national security. Kerry told the Globe that he's planning an extensive travel schedule through the fall on behalf of Democratic candidates, beginning with a trip to New Hampshire today and to Iowa next weekend.