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More on the Bush/GOP agenda

Democrats hold a couple of events today on the two big domestic issues President Bush has touted but on which he has failed to achieve legislative success during his second term, although Democrats' intent probably wasn't to highlight that fact.  Instead, they seem to be looking to rally key constituencies -- seniors and Latinos -- to their side by hyping these issues even though neither is on the congressional agenda for the month.  Hill leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will lead a rally with other Democratic members and "hundreds" of seniors to talk up "a new effort to protect Americans' Social Security from the relentless attempts by President Bush and the Republican Congress to privatize Social Security," the release says -- even though the GOP effort has hardly been "relentless."  Also today, Sen. Ted Kennedy (D) leads a rally in support of the Senate immigration bill.


Senior House Republican aides tell the Washington Times that "House Republicans will make a final push to get border-security legislation on President Bush's desk before November's elections...  Republicans now worry that many voters will blame them for not doing more because they control the White House and both chambers of Congress."