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Senate immigration plan dead for the year

From NBC's Mike Viqueira
What everyone on and around Capitol Hill has assumed for months to be true on immigration reform is expected to become official later this afternoon when House GOP leaders announce their border enforcement plan. Simply put, the Senate's "comprehensive" bill is dead for the year. That means the guest worker program and "path to citizenship" approach favored by the President and about one-third of Republicans in Congress will have to wait for another day, if ever, for a vote.

Instead, Republican leaders are expected to announce that they will move forward with money for building a border fence, additional border agents, worksite enforcement, and border surveillance. The likely vehicle is the Defense spending bill, to which the Senate has already added some $4 billion to pay for these initiatives.

The announcement will come at about 3:00 pm today, following a meeting of House GOP leaders and relevant committee chairmen.