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Hot midterm race developments

From NBC's Mark Murray
-- In Florida, the hits on Katherine Harris (R) keep coming. The state's Democratic Party is highlighting the fact that Harris, the GOP Senate nominee, wasn't among the Republican candidates and officials who went on a "Victory 2006" tour around the state today. "How can the Republican Party claim to have unity while blatantly ignoring their top candidate?" said a spokesman for Florida's Democratic Party in a statement. "It just doesn't pass the smell test."

-- In Ohio, Rep. Sherrod Brown (D), who's challenging incumbent Sen. Mike DeWine (R), is up with his second TV ad of the campaign, which hits DeWine on trade. "They work hard; they love their country; they play by the rules," Brown says in the ad. "But the cars, steel and appliances they used to make are now being made overseas, where workers are paid 3 or 4 dollars a day. My opponent supported the trade agreements that cost us these jobs. He says it's just business - I say it's wrong."

-- With the news that Rhode Island Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R) is the one who pulled the plug on today's committee vote to confirm John Bolton as UN ambassador, primary opponent Steve Laffey (R), released a stinging statement: "All the other senators have made up their minds on how to vote except Lincoln Chafee, who, like always, can't figure out where he stands," Laffey said. "It is outrageous that a vote had to be postponed because Senator Chafee can't make up his mind." The Chafee-Laffey primary takes place this coming Tuesday.